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Special upgrade offer to Threshold T200 and T400 amplifier owners

As part of Threshold's legacy support program, we are pleased to offer a special "Thank You" to owners of Threshold T200 and T400 amplifiers. Subject to availability, we will rebuild and upgrade your amplifier using the latest STASIS technology. Your updated unit will also carry a new product warranty from Threshold Audio, Inc.

Specifically, this factory upgrade program converts any existing T200 to the equivalent of a STASIS 7.0 (with 100 watts per channel). Likewise, the T400 conversion results in a STASIS 8.0 equivalent (with 200 watts per channel).

These upgrades include total replacement of the original IGBT output stages with brand new STASIS output circuitry and over a dozen revisions to the input board, front-end boards, and power supply. In addition to being more robust and serviceable, these amplifiers are far superior sonically, providing total integration of the best of the T-Series circuit innovations with the latest version of Threshold's renowned STASIS technology. All modifications are internal, therefore the original amplifier cosmetics remain unchanged.

After the rebuilding is completed, your updated T series amplifier will be put through the same rigorous process of voicing, testing, and burn-in that each new STASIS amplifier receives. Each upgraded unit will be covered by the same full 3-year warranty as all of our new Threshold products.

The cost of these upgrades represents significant savings over the purchase price of a new STASIS amplifier. The T200 STASIS upgrade is $2,490 (plus shipping) and the T400 STASIS upgrade is $3,890 (plus shipping).

This offer is open to any T200 or T400 owner even if not the original purchaser.

All work is done on your amplifier; we do not exchange your amplifier for someone else's rebuilt unit. A limited number of upgrades will be performed at the factory each month. For your convenience, your amplifier should be scheduled ahead of time.

Please email us for more information.

For other T200 and T400 factory updates, contact us here.

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