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2003 International CES

Several new Threshold products made their public debut during the 2003 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES). New models on display in the Threshold/Nova/Cardas exhibit were the STASIS 8.0 Stereo Power Amplifier and the S/5000e Stereo Power Amplifier. The demonstration system consisted of the Threshold STASIS 8.0, STASIS-R 5.0 Preamplifier, Nova Applause Loudspeakers, and the Wadia 861 CD Player. The entire system featured Cardas Neutral Reference interconnect and loudspeaker cables.

The Threshold STASIS 8.0 Stereo Power Amplifier represents the pinnacle of development in the historic STASIS series. At 200 watts per channel, it is the higher power alternative to the STASIS 7.0. It can provide staggering amounts of continuous current, enabling it to drive the most demanding and power-hungry loudspeaker loads, without strain or stress.

In a return to one of Threshold's hallmarks, prodigious power at an affordable price, the S/5000e is the first in a new line of compact, entry-level products. At 250 watts per channel, it is also a high-current design, easily driving low-impedance reactive loudspeaker loads. It features a massive custom toroidal power transformer, with isolated power reserves for voltage and current gain stages.

The STASIS-R 5.0 is Threshold's top-of-the-line Preamplifier. This remote-controlled preamplifier employs a fully balanced circuit topology. At its heart is Threshold's latest digitally controlled analog volume control. Unveiled at last year's CES, the STASIS-R 5.0 attracted considerable attention again this year.

As always, the Threshold/Nova/Cardas system delivered a unique listening experience to show visitors. 2003 was another fantastic year at CES. Watch for other new and exciting products in the near future.

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